My name is Javi Garrido and this is my story…

Hi there!, I’m a southern Spanish Creative Director/Art Director with international experience as a freelancer and at Integrated Advertising Agencies in Spain, Italy, England and México, let’s say I’m a modern nomad that can easily and quickly adapt to any new environment and enjoy doing it! I started studying a 5-year degree in Advertising and Public Relations and also a technical certificate in Graphic Design but I realized it wasn’t enough for me, I needed to improve by being an autodidact.

For that reason I tried to expand my knowledge, mainly specializing through experience, in a variety of tasks such as art direction, creativity, image aesthetics, graphic design, UX and creative team direction among other tasks. That’s why some people say I’m the “orchestra guy” as I can play a variety of instruments!

Open-minded and pragmatic, I’m always looking for that ‘wow’ factor that clients and consumers want. If I had to highlight a preferred strength about myself, that would be my ability to listen to people and truly understanding their needs. So do you need help with creativity or design? I’m here to listen!

Currently available for freelancing or full time job opportunities (and I don’t mind relocating!)

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I’ve worked side by side with Javier in a variety of projects.

His attention to detail, professionalism and approachability have definitely stood out for me.

Javier is a very talented and creative designer who doesn’t shy from making decisions and set the direction for all kind of projects. But the best thing about him is his personality, always respectful, ready to listen and honest, making him a great teammate.

He’s a real asset and any company or agency would be lucky to have him.

Juan Pablo Lomelí
LinkedIn programmer

Javier es un profesional muy responsable y comprometido con una dilatada experiencia internacional que se refleja en su trabajo. Tiene una visión creativa que da valor añadido a todos los proyectos que desarrollamos. Es pieza clave en Tribeca México, por sus ideas, diseños y trabajos. Es buen compañero, trabajando perfectamente en equipo, además de ser una persona con la que puedes contar en todo momento.

Juanma Camacho
Orange Territorial Manager (Previously, Tribeca México Executive Director)